My name is Lada Nagl. I was born in Prague in 1973.


I have gone through some terrible experiences during my life. What always helped me to get back on my feet was yoga and meditation. It is incredible how rejuvenating and healing the techniques of breathing and proper exercise can be. I practised these techniques daily with excitement. Understanding and feeling their effects on my own body enables me to teach them to others and to spread these natural, pure and beautiful techniques further. Since childhood I have always loved sport and being active, running, cycling, body building skiing and athletics which I performed on a national competitive level. It would never have occurred to me that at the age of 21 I would suddenly and unexpectedly lose my eyesight! For a young, healthy young man it was a cruel shock.

Your current life is suddenly in the past and you are left searching for ways to carry on living. Accepting that you are losing your connection with the external world just wasn’t an option. It was necessary for me to turn my attention inwardly. Luckily I already had some idea about meditation and breathing techniques so I focussed my attention on to them. I started to regularly practise meditation and rhythmical yogic breathing techniques and over time I began to get closer to my inner self. After about a year of intensive, daily practise I started to see a spark of hope at the end of that long, dark tunnel. My lost eyesight was no longer my disadvantage, more the opposite. I continued to practise meditation and rhythmical breathing for the next 12-15 years.

In my early 30’s during my business years I suffered with terrible back pain, knee, elbow, hip and digestive problems. After a series of examinations and assessments both in London and Prague I was given the diagnosis; 4 herniated intervertebral discs (one of which was ruptured), grade 3 arthritis in my hands, neck, feet, shoulders, spine and hips, tendonitis in both elbows, a split patella in my right knee and IBS. Prognosis; multiple operations and invalidity.

No sport!!!

I was devastated. I could no longer function efficiently. This all lead to the breakdown of my long term relationship, the loss of my home and successful business. I had hit rock bottom and found myself homeless. After this life changing experience I realised that I have to fight for my survival, to fight for my life and my starting point was to come right back to the beginning of meditation and rhythmical breathing. One evening I sat myself on the floor with a view to meditate. After hours of persistent effort, I realised that I had lost the connection between my inner self, mind and body. After a full week of persistent daily practise, the connection slowly began to return. From this moment, not only did I start to deepen my ability to meditate and control my breathing but I started to seek more knowledge regarding the human body, mind and soul in a natural, holistic way. To be free of the unbearable, crippling pain was everything to me. After this, the hardest and most painful period, came a phase of never ending manual work and long, physical hours for a minimal wage.

I invested everything I earned into my study and education of the body, soul, healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. This was the very best investment ever. Hand in hand with my daily practise, this time on a higher level, almost all of my symptoms disappeared. I would never have dared to imagine before how light and free I feel today. There is a natural healing power within us all. It is important not to ignore our inner warning but to listen to it and help ourselves.

I wish that everyone could experience this liberating, uplifting and beautiful feeling of inner power, freedom and health. We all can. The most important thing is to start our journey and never give up however hard it might seem. To me yoga is not just about how we move our body on the mat but how we integrate it into our daily lives. Helping others makes me happy. This is my Dharma, my purpose.

I live and stand by the phrase: ‘the final job of the teacher – the student no longer needs the teacher’.


With love and peace.