I have known Lilli for about three years now, during which time she has gone from strength to strength. In past years I have tried various teachers and classes and finally I have found the perfect class for me! What you get from Lilli's yoga classes is the whole package. She is encouraging, fun, but also a hard task mistress. The instruction is clear, logical and flowing. Lilli's knowledge of how the body works and her understanding of everyone's individual needs is admirable. I look forward to her class every week and each week the class grows. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, but we all work hard to improve our practise.

Lilli is a great teacher, and has a true love for yoga, which has transformed her life and is transforming mine too. I know that with her teaching and guidance, I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Thank you!

Lee, Photographer.

'Three years ago I began to experience problems with menopause. As with many women going through this particular time in life I had low energy, I gained weight, I could not sleep well and I was feeling low and generally off-key within myself. I ticked all the boxes!

A friend told me that yoga classes had recently started at the new Stalisfield Village Hall and I immediately liked the idea of doing something new, of challenging my body and finding a new means of expression.

This is how I met Lada and Lilli.

I did not know at that time that yoga would become part of my life, but the classes have now become an integral and essential element in my life. Lada and Lilli are simply two wonderful people who transmit so much passion in what they do that it is hard not to embrace the classes with passion and devotion oneself. And with pleasure too.

Needless to say, after a few months of constant weekly practice I managed to get my energies back in line. I now feel my body is incredibly stronger and supple. As the ancient Romans said: "a healthy mind in a healthy body"!

I have been practicing yoga with Lilli now for 18 months. Yoga makes me feel good in myself and helps me maintain a balance no matter what I go through in my day-to-day living.

There's a reason why yoga is practiced around the world and has been practiced by generations in the past - it works!'

Sabrina Canale, film industry.

"I have suffered from food sensitivities for years and feeling bloated and I thought long and hard about whether I would be able to try this therapy as I thought it would be embarrassing. Lilli made me feel completely at ease and I am so glad I completed all my sessions. It is shocking to see what toxins we carry unnecessarily in our bodies and such a release to feel free of it. I am more energised, my skin is clear and I have lost my feeling of sensitivity and bloating. I have changed my approach to what I will put into my body as seeing is believing! I recommend it to everyone".

Susan J, Partner/Director.

"I had discussed with a few people about having colonic hydrotherapy and Lilli was recommended to me and I heard great feedback from them too. I was very nervous when I arrived but soon felt at ease and knew exactly what was going on etc.

I had great results and will be going back for more in the future.

Highly recommended".

Jaz, Nanny.

'After suffering with prolapsed discs and disc degeneration, I had suffered chronic low back pain for almost 5 years. Frightening crippling pain like no other! I had all but given up on ever being pain-free again. The doctors were no longer helping me and I was dependent on painkillers and suffering severe depression, to the point of having many suicidal thoughts! I was so scared to live that way anymore. My life was not good. I was wasting away, giving up! I had been out of work for over 2 years, had no energy, no spark, no zest for life. Nothing but pain and fear. I used a walking stick, I couldn't look after myself alone and was classed as disabled. I am 43!

I met Lada on my very first day when I joined at Bannatyne's gym in the new year in the hope of some gentle relaxation. I decided to try a yoga class as I used to adore it and figured I'd just do what I can. I explained to Lada my ailments before the class, as you do.....and that was it. Everything was to change from that moment on. In that first instant of talking to Lada he changed my whole outlook. He knew what I needed. He had been in my position himself and came out stronger, healthier, happier and wiser. He gave me hope! I knew then as I know now that I trust him implicitly. This man would 100% help me get well again.

I stopped taking my painkillers and began to work 1-1 with Lada around a month or two later. Lada devised a personal plan for my needs. Very gentle stretching and strengthening. I won't lie, it was so tough because I was so weak and I failed many times to push myself. I'd get down and Lada would pick me back up. The I began to see and feel a change so I pushed myself. The results are astounding. I actually have completely pain-free hours and even whole days now. It is unbelievable. My walking stick is just a memory now. I do not need painkillers anymore. I have even started my own business. I run my own shop and make my own arts and crafts to sell! I have become stronger, happier, healthier and I feel alive again. I want to live now, not die. I want to fulfil the many dreams and ambitions I always had before my illness. I am only young, but six months ago my life as I knew it was over. Doctors just kept feeding me more pills, injecting me and worst of all giving me no hope of recovery. They had written me off!

It has been tough. Painful and frightening at times. Scared that I may fail myself by giving up but with Lada and also the lovely Lilli as my support team and through hard work and lots of encouragement and determination I am about 70% better already. That's in just a few months!

My future is back on! I will be wing walking, trekking rainforests and diving with sharks after all. My bucket list is longer than ever. I'm smiling every day and I couldn't be much happier if I tried.

I'm ready to take on the world.

Thank you yogakent.

You truly saved my life!'

Lorraine Deacon, creative designer/decorator.

'Completing a series of regular 1-2-1 sessions with Lada over approximately 6 months has left me massively fitter, leaner, more flexible and most importantly for me, pain free for the ongoing lower back and neck pain I suffered over many years despite the usual medical interventions.

Lada provided a bespoke, progressive programme of targeted exercise, combined with detailed reasoned explanation and support, effectively rebalancing and realigning my body over a relatively short time.

Having played sport and trained over many years, I felt quite knowledgeable on the subject. Lada has changed my outlook COMPLETELY on training methods, everyday posture/movement and left me with the awareness to help me maintain stability and overall wellbeing.

Lada's approach worked brilliantly for me when nothing else had thoroughly recommend it to anyone of any fitness level.

This man knows his stuff through experience and if you put the effort in you will achieve!!'

Gerry Meers, ex police officer.